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Hullo. Freya here.17, Germany. This is mah football bloggg, but I also post some other things on here.

'Bit in love with Lewis Holtby. but only a little. I support Real Madrid, Schalke 04 and the German NT of course. Talk to me, I swear I don't bite.

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Hey guys,

I know I haven’t been here for ages. I had my Abitur exams in april (kinda like A-levels) and just haven’t really been following football for a while because I didn’t do anything but study and revise. I didn’t have time to watch the matches, to do anything in photoshop, to be on tumblr… I’ve noticed that I didn’t really miss my football tumblr and that updating it kind of became a chore for me to do. I just don’t have the energy and time to keep two blogs active anymore. That’s why I think I will deactivate this blog.. it wasn’t an easy decision because I put a lot of work into this blog and it used to be my favourite one out of the two I have. But music’s become more important to me kind of… I still do care about football though. It was a lot of fun and fangirling with y’all. Thanks for following this blog, and feel free to follow my on my other blog I’ll still keep this one up for a while before I’ll deactivate it.


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暁光の五重塔と枝垂れ桜 (To-ji in spring) by cyber0515 on Flickr.
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"Götze verliert pro Stunde circa 1500 Likes bei Facebook. Mal rechnen, wann er bei Null ist."
— Dirk Krampe, Ruhrnachrichten (via Twitter)

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Cris and the media.

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Thomas Eichin zum Götze-Transfer: “Das ist mir so was von scheißegal”

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